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#1 name-Kaitlin
#2 age-20
#3 location-Albany, NY
#4 favorite quote/song lyric (state who or where it is from)-"When it Rains, It Pours, STAND TALL, REFUSE TO FALL" (Dying Breed, Troy NY)
#5 likes- animals, food, friends, music, art, horror movies, history, people who can think for themselves
#6 dislikes- men dependent women, people who push their beliefs on other people, meat, bush, anti-gay, pro-life, racism
#7 what is the best thing you can think of? going to a show with a bunch of friends then going to the local burrito bar after the show and getting something to eat.... or just hanging out
#8 What was the best show you have ever been to? Radiohead in Boston Back in 2000. i had to go threw so much just to get to the venue then when we got there the sun was setting and we saw them go on stage. it was the best moment of my life... my favorite hardcore show was MOst PRecious Blood back in 2002? with the old lead singer. i went with my best friend at the time and i saw my friend i hadnt seen in awhile cuz i moved away when i went away to college
#9 What was the worst show you have ever been to? i dont really think there has been one... even if i havent liked the bands, for the most part i have stayed just to hang out. if its that bad i just leave and come back.
#10 Where did you find this community? i think threw another hardcore community
#11 What is the last album you bought? i have no idea.... i have toooo many cds
#12 What was the last show you went to? most precious blood, save yourself and Evixxion

#13 Opinions...explanations get more points
a. abortion... i dont think its a good thing but if someone is raped or cannot carry the child i think the option should stay there for them. taking away the right to abortion i think is taking away womens-rights (but seeing as to bush has already taken the women's affairs office out of the white house i think this is what hes going for next. there's way more information about this on its really disturbing how much hes fucking this country up as far as women's rights)
b. gay marriage... you love who you love. anyone should be able to marry whoever they want. this is suppose to be america, land of the free, and this is where people should NOT be judged on who they like (among other things)
c. the radio... i barely listen to it unless i ran out of music to listen to in my car
d. censorship... there is just more and more now-a-days. its stupid. people should be able to read whatever they want to. parents should watch what their kid are watching and be more responsible, not the government
e. anorexia... toooo many girls have low self-esteem and go this route to look pretty. i dont like this at all, but i dont know who really would. i think models should look how they did 20yrs ago and not have child-like bodies
f. the fast-food industry... toooo many people depend on it for their daily diet and they dont know the real evils of it. I hate KFC among the rest of them but them probably the most. Its the symbol of where america is going... fat
g. animal cruelty... I HATE THIS MORE THEN ANYTHING!!!!! i remember when i was a kid and my friends would go fishing and kill the fish after catching it and i would freak out. im vegan and plan on being vegan for the rest of my life (this is after being vegetarian for 2yrs). I see nothing better for our enviroment then improving the vegetarian and vegan diet (like buddha said) and i think that animal cruelty should not be taken as lightly as it has been. I see it as being just as bad as abusing a human, or a child
h. veganism… i love it! although i am really into being vegan i dont like to pressure other people to do the same because i think that everyone should think one their own, but if anyone has questions i tell them to come to me. this summer i read up on veganism and became one because of what i read.
i. Bush... i hate this man with every fiber of my being. i guess he didnt do enough damage in Texas by killing innocent people in the chair, there are soooooo many cases of people who recieved this who were later found to be innocent,that he had to move it to Iraq. Because of him my brother is being deployed to Iraq in January, and he doesnt want to go. I really wish he wasnbt re-elected. Not only this but i hate his views on animal rights, womens-rights, censhorship..... everything. i drove 1 1/2 from my college to vote november 2nd because little does anyone know, republicans try to fuck college students over every year so they cant vote. (i would explain but this is already becoming to long of an application)
j. Kerry...hes not that much better then bush but alteast a little. i like the fact that he seemed to be able to actually debate and not sound like an idiot and his view differed from bush on topics that i thought made him a way better canidate

#14 Favorite:
a. movie...Angus/Trainspotting
b. band/artist...Radiohead, BifNaked, Type O Negative, Most Precious Blood/Fridal Kahlo
c. song...i dont really know
d. author...Peter Singer
e. food...anything Indian
f. article of clothing... my MPB hoodie, its soooo worn in and comfy

im on the right

they just get older as you go down, but you get the point
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