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#1 name- Hannah
#2 age- 18
#3 location- waterloo, ontario
#4 favorite quote/song lyric (state who or where it is from)- I have two. I don't need a crew to validate myself - Comeback Kid "Changing Face", i want to give you my everything
but i've failed you so many times
- As I Lay Dying "Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier"
#5 likes- God, shows, music, dancing, driving to far unknown places, school SOMETIMES, nestea
#6 dislikes- meat, kids, money, essays uhhh there's more
#7 what is the best thing you can think of? going to a show with a ton of friends and being hyper along with them.
#8 What was the best show you have ever been to? comeback kid with between the buried and me
#9 What was the worst show you have ever been to? hmm i'm gonna have to say brand new
#10 Where did you find this community? through hc_merch (how odd)
#11 What is the last album you bought? I think it was Converge - You Fail Me
#12 What was the last show you went to? Misery Signals with Rosesdead

#13 Opinions...explanations get more points (errr points? ok)
a. abortion... no. only circumstance is if the girl got raped.
b. gay marriage... yes.
c. the radio...no. because they play horrible music.
d. censorship... nope. just because. its not fair.
e. anorexia...ew. no. please.. love your body and who you are.
f. the fast-food industry...gross.
g. animal cruelty...against.
h. veganism…it's a hard thing to do, but i want to do it.
i. Bush...yes and no. yes because at least he had some clue. no because of all the stupid things he HAS done. he's firm in his beliefs though.
j. Kerry...yes and no. yes because he isn't bush. no because he didn't know what side he really was on.

#14 Favorite:
a. movie... I don't like movies too much. Run Lola Run, American History X and LOTR Trilogy
b. band/artist...there's a ton. with honor, comeback kid, misery signals, another breath, as i lay dying
c. song...I don't have A favourite song. I hate picking just one.
d. author... Definately don't read.
e. food... Rice.
f. article of clothing... My CBK hoodie.

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