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#1 name- Karlie
#2 age- 16
#3 location- Ohio
#4 favorite quote/song lyric (state who or where it is from)- " I smell that whore" -dillinger exscape plan
#5 likes- Shows, music(good), Horses, Tying bandanas to my face and kicking people (haha), sundance films, driving in the city at 3am, Playing laser tag, Sitting at steak and shake with my friends smoking and eating cheese fries
#6 dislikes- Whores, stupid ditzy girls, whiny emo, Really cold weather, assholes, perverts, when my favorite CD skips, stupid petty dramma, stepping in poo.  
#7 what is the best thing you can think of? a jones soda <3
#8 What was the best show you have ever been to? everytime i die. they are fucking amazing !
#9 What was the worst show you have ever been to? ugh! Lamb of god
#10 Where did you find this community? just searching someting i forget what.
#11 What is the last album you bought? cursive, the ugly organ.
#12 What was the last show you went to? A local show somewhere in a cornfeild.

#13 Opinions...explanations get more points
abortion... Im pro choice, although those fucking slut bitchs whore fuck 40 year olds and get like 7 abortions piss me off, ther is also the cases in which a girl is rapped in unable to take care of the child. It isnt fair to bring a child into the world if your just goingto make it suffer, although that isntalways the case.
b. gay marriage...Honestly i think that gay couples should get married i have gay friends and i love them to death. what happen to the seperation of curch and state?
c. the radio...It really sucks. All they play is shit shit shit. but everyonce in while its nice to win some concert tickets from it.
d. censorship...Oh god
e. anorexia...Its sad and people who suffer from it should seek medical attenion.
f. the fast-food im sorry but i live off taco bell. 


My head hurts just thinking about it. but i do think bush is going to win.


g. animal cruelty...Makes me want to puch people in the face
h. veganism…If it floats your boat but it isnt for me.

#14 Favorite:
a. movie... fight club
b. band/artist... the blood brothers, as i lay dying, the kinison, A7x, Norma Jean, Cursive, alk3, An Albatross, the bled, Atreyu, converge, daughters, everytime i die, dillinger escape plan, elliot smith, FBTMOF, holy molar, the locusts, The Pixies, the fury, the faint and the refused
c. song...Burn piano island (the blood brothers) or the kinison new way to dance.
d. author...Elizibeth wurtzel
e. food...asian
f. article of clothing...mood ring from the dollor store.


I guess i submit picts too?


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